About Us

Bearzgear is a highly motivated start-up brand that specialises in ski and snowboard goggles. We offer high-quality modern goggles at an affordable price. Now in our second year we have been extremely happy with the feedback we have been getting from our customers, and we know that we are on the right track: people love the design and colours, but most importantly the quality. The Bearz team have all previously used frameless goggles from some of the biggest brands on the market and we know that Bearzgear products are a force for change. We hope that in the near future we will be considered as a real, home-grown alternative to our competitors. We produce our goggles at one of the best factories in the world, which works directly with some of the biggest brands in the industry. Quality is everything for us and we have heavily invested in making sure this is a stand-out feature of Bearzgear.

With over 10 years experience in the ski and snowboarding industries we know we have crafted a product that is a welcome change to what is currently available and also at a fraction of the cost. We know you won't regret you choice.